Night Cat products are made to last, but as with all things over time they will be subject to normal wear and tear that can make them lose their original lustre. I offer a professional refinishing service for any major damage or for those who don't want to get their hands dirty, but if that's not for you there are a number of things you can do at home to bring your products back to their former glory.

Gloss Finishes

Products with a glossy finish are polished to a very high level before they are sold, but over time they can develop scuff marks and scratches that remove the surface shine. If you want to get back to a high polish you can do so easily at home by using baking soda, cold water, and a clean cotton cloth.
Take a teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) and add cold water a few drops at a time until you have a thick paste. Pick up a small quantity of this paste on a cotton cloth and apply it directly to the surface of your product, rubbing with moderate pressure and speed in circular patterns until the gloss finish comes back. The baking soda solution won't damage or scratch the finish but is abrasive enough that a few minutes' polishing can clean up most small scratches and scuff marks. Keep polishing this way until you get the look you're after and then rinse off the surface under cold running water and wipe dry. If you don't have the shine you're after, repeat the process until you do.

Satin Finishes

Over time, satin finishes will begin to develop more of a glossy look. To bring them back to their original look you need to use a coarser abrasive, and the plastic scouring pad on the back of a normal household sponge will do a decent job of this.
Firstly, make sure the sponge and scourer are made of plastic (metal scourers will just destroy the finish) and are completely dry. Hold your item in one hand and the scourer in the other and draw one across the other in long straight motions, applying light pressure at first and increasing it as necessary, much like you'd use a sheet of sandpaper. You will notice the finish and scourer get a thin covering of white powder and this should be left on until you have gone over the entire surface with the scouring pad. It can then be wiped away using the sponge or a cloth (dry) and that will let you examine the finish. Once it looks as you want it you can rinse off the surface under cold running water and gently wipe it dry. This should result in the finish returning to a satin look, or a more matte look if you keep going with it.

Professional Refinishing

If your item has more extensive damage, you don't want to try the above, or you tried and it didn't have the desired effect, you can send the item back to me to be fully refinished. For a small fee I will remove the old finish and replace it with a new one, either keeping the original style or changing to gloss/satin/matte as you wish.
The refinishing service can remove even deep scratches, gouges, or chips that have cracked the finish and return the item to its original quality. Further damage such as cracks in the material itself can also normally be fixed as long as no parts of the item are missing. The best way to know whether I can fix something is to take some photos and ask me, and I'll get back to you shortly with what I can do. Fixing more serious damage is charged at the same flat rate as refinishing so it won't cost you any more.
The cost for refinishing a piece is a flat rate of £10 plus return delivery. Please use the contact page (at the top right) to send an email requesting this service and I will place a custom listing on Etsy, emailing you the link, so that you can use the same checkout process as when the item was first purchased. Refinishing fees can also be paid directly via PayPal if you wish, but Etsy is the better option since it comes with protection and more detailed records.