Night Cat Arts is a one man studio based in North West London, specialising in hand-crafted wooden jewellery & effects.

Using a combination of hand tools, power tools, and custom-made jigs, I design and create a range of items in varying styles. Wood is my material of choice because of its natural beauty & great degree of variety; and what a pleasure it is to work with. Sourcing responsibly from the UK and worldwide means there's an enormous array of patterns, shades, colours, and strengths to choose from and each piece comes out different to the one before which this lends an organic nature to the work and ensures that every owner has something that's truly special. In addition, many items are only created in limited lines and these are all individually numbered.

Pieces are designed and built from scratch and finished with the utmost care to ensure that they look as good in your hand as they do in the photos (if not better). Materials are chosen to complement each other and provide strength and resilience as well as beauty, so that your chosen piece will last for years to come. My favourite finish is mirror-polished clear acrylic, which means you can wear Night Cat products through a rainstorm, in the shower, doing the washing up, or even diving if you wish. It's not enough to create something beautiful; it has to last too, and Night Cat products really do.

As well as the various products you can see here and buy on Etsy, I love to create pieces especially for an individual. You can leave the design up to me or tell me precisely what you want, and I'll make it happen. Whether you're after a bespoke piece or just want an existing product personalised, head over to the commissions page for more details.