From brooches to boxes, earrings to other things, Night Cat can design and create what you want to fill your need. Whatever you have in mind, whether it's a general idea, a style, or a specific design, your piece can be hand crafted, finished, and delivered to you usually within a month (or two if materials need to be specially ordered).

With a range of hard and soft woods in varying colours and grain patterns, the ability to add accents or inlay in metals, mother of pearl, crushed shell, glitter, rhinestones, or just about anything else you can think of, the options and possibilities are practically limitless. Pieces can be finished in acrylic to a high gloss polish, satin sheen, or matte surface, given a coat of tough polyurethane, oiled, waxed, stained, dyed, or painted in any colour or even a range of colours. Text, patterns, or symbols can be transferred in black onto most pieces too, so you can have your name on them, for example. In addition to this, custom boxes or display cases can also be made and pieces can be gift-wrapped before delivery.

Prices for customisations to existing pieces start from just £10, and bespoke work costs from £40. If you'd like something made or customised for you or somebody else, please use the contact form and provide as many details as you can. In return you'll get a rundown of the estimated time required for the sourcing of materials (if necessary), the design (if applicable), the work needed to create the piece, and a quote for the price. If you're happy with that a custom listing will be created for you in the Etsy shop to give you security and peace of mind, and you'll get emails (with photos if requested) as the design and creation of your item progresses. If you change your mind on any of the details they can be adjusted until they've been finalised on the piece, and at no extra cost as long as the materials are similar (metal for metal, wood for wood, etc). This way you can be sure you'll get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

When making something unique it needs to be special, so if you have any other wishes or little touches you'd like included then don't hesitate to say so. I can't promise that anything's possible, but I can say that a whole lot is. The only way to know for certain is to ask.